So what are you doing after graduation?

Old Well
The Old Well

I am incredibly happy to say that I will be moving to Mexico for approximately 2 years! Those of you who have prayed and walked with me through this process know what a huge answer to prayer this is. I am still in awe that God would allow me to serve Him internationally- and especially in a country speaking a language I am already so passionate about.

I will be joining a team that is already there and helping them develop new scripture resources for indigenous language speakers (aka. translating things for people who do NOT speak Spanish as their first language or at all). And also helping the team in any other areas where they need me! If you are interested in receiving updates throughout my two years, please shoot me a fb message/text/your preferred method of communication- with your name AND email address.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
 In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.” –Proverbs 3:5-6

Sometimes my path seems anything but straight. I came to college thinking I wanted to be a marine biologist. I went to Kenya and never wanted to come back. I thought about graduating early, studying abroad in two different countries, moving to Spain, or teaching for a few years to pay off my student loans- all as separate life plans, of course. The funny thing is most people don’t know that I have considered doing all of the things. To the outsider looking in I came to my dream university, majored in Hispanic Linguistics, and now I have job using my degree and simultaneously pursuing my passions. It looks like my path was perfectly planned, like I knew exactly what I was doing and walked in a straight line towards it.

This is so beautiful to me. Not because I actually knew what I was doing. My closest friends know exactly how confused I have been. They know how many times I have tried to pry a door open only to see it shut in my face, and then with great enthusiasm I ran headfirst at the next door I found. You see, the only thing that stayed constant through the last four years was my relationship with Christ. I prayed that He would guide me, that he would open and close doors based on His will, and so many of my friends prayed for me. In fact, they almost undoubtedly prayed for me more than I prayed for myself. So thank you, friends. Thank you. Your prayers have made a much larger impact on my life than you can ever know.

Now back to the seemingly straight path I have been led down. It is beautiful to me because I see how impossible it would have been for me to make my own path straight. Not in a million years could I have brought myself here or prepared myself for the place God is leading me to. It gives me peace and it gives me hope to see how Sovereign my God is. And how good He is. How beautiful is it that He would give a sinner like me the desires of my heart? (Psalm 37:4) I could go on for pages about what a blessing this is- what a gift of goodness it is that God would allow me to serve Him internationally.

As I transition into this new stage of life, pray for me friends. Pray that I will continue to acknowledge God in all of my ways. And that He will continue to make my path straight, just as He has promised.

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