Not Your Typical Christian Music List

I’m starting this post with a disclaimer that my top 2020 music categories on Spotify were Indie Acoustic, Neo Mellow, Stomp and Holler, and Anthem Worship. I didn’t even know half of those existed but if the shoe fits…what can I say? I grew up on Christian radio and remember when KLOVE was the newest, coolest thing in my musical world. But it didn’t take long for me to become bored with the same old songs and styles. But it was hard to find new bands and genres that could be considered worship or present beliefs that were in line with my own. It’s been a slow process of happenstance and recommendations but I finally have a decent collection of songs and artists that I enjoy. That being said, I’m offering up a few suggestions for songs I have discovered in the last year or so that were like a breath of fresh ear to my music thirsty ears. One of my favorite characteristics about a song is good-storytelling. I aim to really pay attention to the lyrics and what they’re telling me (or what I’m saying as I sing along). So songs that speak truth and align with my beliefs theological are always a gem too. I’m also an INFP so I like songs that reach a wide breadth of emotion. Maybe it’s your style or maybe it isn’t, but I highly recommend you give them a listen and decide for yourself!

  1. I Will Follow by Jon Guerra (; This song has a happy beat but always gets me choked up during a certain part. It always pops up on my Spotify and no matter what mood I’m in it brings me to an attitude of gratitude and worship.
  2. Friend by Jonathan Ogden; I’m not sure how long Jonathan has been around in the music world but he seems like a very down to earth artist. I follow him in Twitter and he seems like a regular twenty-somethings guy. But I love the lyrics in his songs and his style is great for when I need to relax and remember that God is good. This is my anti-stress worship music go to. He also did a pretty cool worship session on Youtube during quarantine:
  3. Farther Along by Josh Garrels (; I’ve been listening to Josh Garrels for a few years now after a friend recommended his Christmas album back in 2016 or so. I debated putting this song on the least because I think he’s a little more well known. But I may also have friends or readers that haven’t heard of him- so definitely check him out if you haven’t yet!
  4. Author/Perfector by Rivers and Robots (; I feel like the main focus to Rivers and Robots songs really is the lyrics. The music is very ‘chill’ and not my usual style necessarily. But many of their songs feel like a prayer and affirmation of the truths about God’s love, goodness, and holiness. Things that we can all use a reminder of. And singing these truths somehow seems to help make the truths seem more real and present.
  5. Dancing in the Minefield by Andrew Peterson ( I’m not even married and this song just makes me so happy. It’s infused with scriptural truths , has a happy beat, but also talks about the reality that there are challenges in a marriage. You can read Andrew’s testimony here: Reading it I can really relate. I LOVE a good story and few things bring me more joy than being able to craft stories that move people to the truth.
  6. Dirt by The Collection ( ; When researching the band I found out they’re from North Carolina! It’s pretty cool to discover that they’re from my home state. They’ve also played at shows with Switchfoot so I’m not sure how I’d never heard this song before a few months ago.

I hope you’ve found at least one new song or artist to add the mix in your music listening collection. If you have a song or artist that you think I’d enjoy please let me know! I’m always looking for new recommendations myself. And if you’re reading this today- Happy Friday! May your weekend be filled with only the best music.

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